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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who is Oscar E. Biscet?

Get your answer here , here and here here.

Then tell my why there are people who say they want the truth to be known, yet are finding idiot reasons for bashing this action.

You can read the The Miami Herald's piece on the medal here , where you'll find they've quoted Dr. Biscet's wife:
In a phone conversation from Havana, Morejón thanked Bush for the award and called it ``a recognition of our political prisoners.''
''It is important that in this world someone remembers us,'' she said.
This is for those out there who actually questioned Dr. Biscet's reaction to receiving this award and recognition. Why else you idiots, would he be writing to the press rather than his wife when he's allowed to write if he didn't want attention to the horrors that are going on in Cuba? Why else whould she have put out a video some time back about the cell that he was confined to and shoved it off for all in the world to see, for shits & giggles???

Here's another piece by a very well known Cuban writer who resides in Spain, click here

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