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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

He's Not Dead Yet????

This reminds me of the daytime soaps where nobody is ever really dead dead.

Well, the web is coming apart at the seems regarding the newly released video of the supposedly "live" fidel castro meeting with his own special puppet.

I have my doubts, but here are some of the points people have made about this new video throughout the web. They kind of make you think about it.

  • According the what Cuban television reported, this video was taken just after chavez arrived last night in Cuba. Now if you look closely this video was taped in daytime.
  • Fidel make references to his fall, yet makes no remarks regarding his current situation
  • chavez mentions the date, but the image at that point is of him alone and no fidel.
  • He mentions the painting that took two days to paint again in this video, just as in one of the videos from last year.
  • A reference to Oscar Niemeyer makes no sense at this juncture, the statement is out of chronological order, as if this the conversation is taking place prior to October of last year.
  • If you pay close attention he really never drinks the orange juice.

I personally have no opinion regarding the points made above as I have not seen the full video. I have only seen the video in parts because I can't stomach seeing neither of those two clowns for more than a few seconds. All I know is that we will not know he's dead until that government reports it. Until then I will pray to hear official news of his death, and too bad for those who think such thoughts are barbaric or uncouth. In the future, once that government is history, the truth and actual order of events will come to light. I for one won't give a rat's ass how and when he died so long as I know he's dead dead.


Blogger Val Prieto said...

"This reminds me of the daytime soaps where nobody is ever really dead dead."

OMG! That is sheer brilliance.

11:59 AM  

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