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Friday, February 16, 2007


In a bunch of radio stations there have been reports this morning of an organization called Comando F4, having entered a military camp in Villa Clara, Cuba and getting away with a number of supplies, such as RPG's and AK47s. I've also seen reports of this on the web. , in this forum the person who broke the news works in the US military and is based in Cuba, but not at Gitmo.

This is what is being reported this morning. Is it true? I certainly hope so. If it were true, and in fact Cuban military personnel did indeed help this organization smuggle the stuff out of that camp, then there must be a "big to do" going on inside of Cuba right now. The high ranks of Cuba's military must be running around looking for blood and wanting to see heads roll.

Can't wait for some form of confirmation that this that is being decimated in the airwaves and web world is true!


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