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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Face of a Traitor...

Phillip Agee is a true traitor. He was a CIA operative who did work combating communism. He who flew the coop and then proceeded to write a book (Inside the Company) regarding inside secrets of the CIA. I have not read the book, but knowing the little I know about him at this point, I highly doubt I'll ever read it. How do I know whatever crap he wrote is true? He has said, he couldn't figure out why the US wanted to destroy groups who helped the poor, referring to communist groups. I watched a Spanish television talk show last night who gave some interesting and heartburn inducing information about this complete asshole, traitor and liar.

Phillip Agee a guy who told the world he had worked for a sinister government (U.S.A), is now living in Cuba, although not like a Cuban. He is part owner of a travel agency Cubalinda. He flies Americans into Cuba through other countries. He lives there in the lap of luxury and he uses his ties with foreign officials in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Bahamas, to fly these Americans into Cuba without a hitch. Of course the Cuban government gets a big chunk of the proceeds or they wouldn't let him operate there.

What really pisses me off about this guy is that he accuses the US gov. of being sinister and defends the communist agenda, all the while living like a capitalist tycoon. He defends a government who holds hostage and rules with an iron grip 11 million poor and hungry people. He's a complete comepin&#.

His business has a site, and there is an icon on the main page that is false according to the gentleman who was giving the information about Mr. Agee's whereabouts. The icon says "ASTA" or American Society of Travel Agents, this gives people the impression that this company is a trusted travel agency. I have written to ASTA to confirm and am waiting for an answer. I will update this as soon as I receive a response.

Delfin Fernandez of Secretos de Cuba brought with him this information last night on A Mano Limpia of America TeVe.

UPDATE - I received a note back from ASTA, thanking me for the alert and advising me that they were going to contact the people at Cubalinda.


Blogger ziva said...

Great work Lissy-- Agee is indeed a slimeball traitor. I hope to see the day when a freely elected government in Cuba makes sure cowards like him get what they deserve.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Lissandra said...

People like him who defend communism, but won't for an minute live like a true citizen of a communist country, really boil my blood.

11:16 AM  

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