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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Family Trips

I just got back from a trip with the WHOLE family to Orlando, Florida. There were more than fifty of us, and let me tell you it is tiring, but a whole lot of fun. There were so many people, we were forced to form age groups. That way people got to go to the parks they liked best or had never been to. At night was when we were all together, and everyone 55 and older gets to remenise of how things use to be.

Some of the younger ones got to hear stuff for the first time and were shocked to their bones. It is funny how the younger generation doesn't know from the time of infancy how bad things are in Cuba, or how terrible that regime is. I remember I might have not known who the Prime Minister of Canada was when I was in 5th grade, but I sure as hell knew fidel castro was a very bad person. I'm not saying that the younger cousins think he's a good person, but many of them really had no clue of just how bad a person he is or the things the revolution had brought on. I think I was more shocked at their ignorance then they were at the stuff they were hearing.

Some of the 21 & 18 year olds were really dumbstruck to know some of the things that go on overthere. I was glad to see how some of them actually got the older folks' numbers onto their cellulars so they could call them and go visit and hear more stories about Cuba. I think we needed this vacation, and I think we needed it as a family.

Anyway, it was a very good time with el familion. You should all try to catch next year's Food & Wine festival at EPCOT. They had wines from all over the world and I even got to taste mead from Ireland. BTW, that is were the word honeymoon comes from.

I hope everyone of you has or will take a whole family vacation someday. It is a wonderful experience!


Blogger Robert said...

The passing down of traditions and stories from the older to the younger generation is how our culture - any culture - survives. We should never pass up the opportunity to teach the young ones about our past.

4:14 PM  

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