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Monday, November 06, 2006

Some People Just Don't Understand or Don't Want To.

I was just having a conversation with a person who is from a South American country that will remain nameless. He flat out told me that Cubans were always griping about the poverty that exists in Cuba. He went on to tell me that Cubans should just stop trying to make the world think their poverty was the worst. He told me that Cubans should stop hating fidel castro because the Cubans are poor.

Rather than telling him where he could go stick his remarks, and or telling him to please educate himself, I decided to make some things clear to him. This goes for anyone who has ever uttered such an idiotic statement.

I asked him the following: If I were to send $50,000 to anyone in your country, could they spend it as they so pleased? Could they use it towards the purchase of a new home? Could they pay off their debts? Could they spend it all in one crazy night in a hotel of their choice? This person's answer was yes to all those questions. If I were to send the same amount of money to a Cuban, that person would not be allowed to purchase a home, or a car, or go spend it at the hotel of their choice. Why is that? Because that person would be Cuban, and Cubans are NOT allowed any of those things. They can't buy and sell property regardless of the cash they have in hand. They can't go to the hotel of their choice to spend it all in one night. It is illegal. They can't go out and buy a computer and connect it to the internet, because that is illegal. They can't open up a business because that is illegal. That is what Cubans gripe about, poverty is the least of the problems.

His answer? "Oh, that's because of the Economic Embargo." Explain to me what has the embargo got to do with your right to sell your home? What has the embargo to with your right to spend the money in any hotel at Varadero? What has the embargo to do with your right to purchase a vehicle from your neighbor?

How far has stupidity reached? Where do you draw the line between ignorance and selective blindness? If you don't know anything about the Cuban ordeal, ask questions, read, educate yourself, but do not make statements that make you look like an ass.

As for the idiot I had the misfortune of speaking with earlier? "Lissy, I need to hear that from and unbiased source, until then I'll hope a strong person like fidel takes my country by the horns and turns things around for my countrymen" My answer? "Dude, I hope God grants you your wish"


Blogger El Gusano said...

an great way to try to explain to someone that poverty is forced upon the Cuban people. I will definitely use it .Too bad it was wasted on a closed mind.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

He wants to hear it from an "unbiased source". That's classic.

Unfortunately, while the media should ideally be that source, we all know how biased they are in favor of fidel.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

You can recommend "Child of the Revolution" a book by Cuban-Australian Luis M. Garcia. He is definitely not part of the "Miami Mafia" since he's been living in Australia for close to 40 years and has never lived in the US. The book will be available here in the US in April. I bought it online from an Aussie bookseller.

Anyway the guy displayed the typical anti-American attitude that most Latin-Americans have been taught to have. All the problems stem from the big bad USA. And since we Cuban-Americans are Yanqui lovers, we must be hated and discredited too.

And the other thing that's typical is the guy's yearning for a caudillo to lead him. He doesn't have faith in the citizenry, in democracy but only in strongmen. That's exactly how Cuba got into the jackpot it's in now.

If he wants a caudillo, he should pray for a Pinochet or a Franco not a castro. At least under Pinochet Chile prospered. Today Chile is the most advanced country in South America because of him. He also stepped down voluntarily from power. But I shouldn't say that too loud because I might get branded as a fascist.

Anyway, Latin Americans need to start looking at themselves when they ask the question "why is our country so backwards?" The people have allowed themselves to be manipulated by populists/nationalists/communists and all kind of "ists".

3:06 PM  
Blogger Lissy said...


I agree with you, but sometimes I wish they got their castro, just so they'd get a taste of what someone like him really is like. To think Cubans are griping about poverty, please...

I'm with you on the Pinochet and Franco comment as well, but nowadays they are viewed in the same light as the fidels. I don't agree with that, but what do I know?

4:31 PM  
Blogger La Ventanita said...


First off, they should be all viewed together in regards to the repression all three of them imposed in terms of Human Rights violations, torture, quashing dissent, summary trials, etc.

Pinochet's stepping down wasn't exactly "voluntary". He was told, time and time again, that he should have the referendum because he would win, and therefore could remain in power. The plan backfired big time, obviously, and he had no recourse but to step down - after much convincing.

The only reason Chile progressed under Pinochet's dictatorship - which it was, never underestimate it - is because he recognized that businessmen, not military men, should manage the economy. And of course, he as well as Chile, benefited from this decision.

While I understand your point of view, I've said the same thing more times than I can count, we should never allow the comment to mean that violations of Human Rights are ok if the country progresses economically.

12:36 PM  

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